Ofer Langer

About my mission

Everyone, at one point or another in their lives, probably need a wake-up call. My name is Ofer Langer, in such a short period of 1 year and 17 days I lost my wife due to cancer and my brother to post-trauma. Throughout my mourning process I discovered enlightenment, although and despite all the challenges, I’ve found a way to look at the things that happened to me through a much more positive prism. My wife and my only brother, unfortunately, passed away, bequeathed to me their legacy to pass on all the tools for positive thinking. Thus, I initiated this site to offer these wonderful tools for positive thinking for the general public, and to allow people all over the world and from all walks of life to find a place of peace, optimism, and inner enlightenment. I believe that even in the most challenging moments of life we can all choose to see the good in whatever happens to us. Positive thinking starts with a choice. I wish you all make an informed decision to see the good in life.

The goal of the site is to offer tools for positive thinking while at the same time presenting the latest studies in the field of positive psychology, brain research, and human behavior. The site combines both the logical-academic angle and the spiritual-emotional one. Among the site articles, you will find approaches that come from all over the world – Kabbalah, Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism. Perspectives that are derived from completely different traditions, but with lots of common denominators and a similar look at human thinking. Among the articles, you will find my personal life story, as well as the stories of famous athletes, CEOs, intellectuals, etc; Wonderful empowerment stories about people who have been able to overcome challenges in their lives through positive thinking practices.

You will find lots of optimistic and wonderful approaches to a good and healthy life. Ever since my thinking has changed, I began to look at positive thinking as that complementary part of my life’s puzzle. Just as people who want to live a healthy life, go to the gym to train their muscles and eat healthy to maintain the vitality of their bodies, so too, positive thinking is the missing piece of the puzzle for proper thought nutrition.

I wish you all good thoughts on a healthy body